Guess it's time to start thinking about PyCon2006 presentations (On the assumption that I'll somehow justify a ticket to Texas)

The real question is what to present? The last two years I've done presentations on "black magic" (metaclasses and descriptors), and those were fun, but we've probably covered most of the interesting material in there. And even then, the presentations were really more like classes/lectures, there was no new information other than organisational structure and some opinions on usage.

I can imagine doing tutorials/classes on quite a few topics (Metaclasses, Descriptors, Twisted, Nevow, DB-API, SimpleParse (I've actually got plenty of material on the first 3 already prepared)) but for those there's lots of people who could present any of them. Assuming I'll only be doing one presentation I'd like to focus on more of my own area of interest, i.e. 3D graphics.

Probably the OpenGL-ctypes work would make for an interesting presentation. Maybe something along the lines of "how to wrap large libraries with ctypes"? Or maybe even "why ctypes should become the default wrapping methodology for CPython" if we want to get a bit more fun with it. Or maybe go the other way and just do a tutorial on OpenGL programming (or even 3D programming in general, with a few scenegraph libraries).

I suppose I should maybe think about Cinemon as a presentation topic too, especially if the company's going to pick up the tab. Thing is that Cinemon doesn't really sell to other programmers it's an application, and a niche application at that. Fine as a short 10 or 15 minute talk, but not a full-blown presentation.

TwistedSNMP might be interesting to people, especially as by spring we should have a version running on PySNMP 4.x. Still, the API is pretty darn simple for TwistedSNMP... not a lot of material beyond "call one of these 4 or 5 methods, thank-you".

Maybe something along the lines of a meta-demo of some significant subset of the 3D packages in the Python 3D Software Collection, more of a eye-candy-ish excitement-building thing, get more people interested in doing fun high-intensity stuff with Python. That'd definitely require having a working laptop :) . It'd also be mostly organisational, taking time away from working on projects, rather than letting me focus on one. Still, would be nice to see it... maybe someone else will have the time to organise it.

Maybe try submitting a few proposals, see which ones get selected. Hmm, maybe a few tutorials (on whichever "deep" topics aren't already taken), a demo (OpenGL), and a couple of presentations (ctypes, Cinemon)? Tutorials are pretty easy to put together. The demo will just sort of fall out of the work on OpenGL-ctypes/OpenGLContext (hopefully).

Enough for tonight. I have a few months to think about it. No reason to decide right now.


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