It may be worth it to rewrite wxProfile... (Well, actually wxProfile2, as that's what does hotshot loads)

It takes my (moderately beefy) machine 3 or 4 minutes to load a profile for a small HotShot profile run (e.g. the TwistedSNMP test suite). Although I try to do useful work while it's loading, a lot of the time is just wasted reading email, or news, or what have you.

It might be worthwhile to rewrite the hotshot-loading code in SimpleParse. Guess it will all depend on how ambitious I feel.

I'm playing with using Psyco to optimise particular classes in PySNMP. It doesn't help at all if I do a "profile()" for the whole application, but it seems to produce a notable, but not mind-blowing (5 or 6%), speedup if I just bind the main classes in asn1/ and asn1/encodings/ber/ . On the small tests, however, it seems to have a huge effect (50% or so).

Pyrex, in other news (yes, I'm waiting for a profile load now, can ya tell) doesn't seem to allow using pyrex functions as methods in normal Python classes. Sigh. That will dramatically complicate any attempts to optimise away hot-spots.


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