Pause before that final fateful step (Oops, sent my backup drive off with Tim!)

I ran completely out of disk space this evening. Myth had created a 7GB buffer to provide pause-live-TV support, and coupled with a 1GB movie that filled up my root drive. So I'm about to take the plunge and convert the media partition (formerly NTFS) over to reiserfs and cut off all retreat to Windows.

I have everything I really care about backed up on the other partitions, but what I want to do is to convert both the "user" partition (Fat32) and the "media" partition over to one big ReiserFS partition in order to get a bit more flexibility. I'm also thinking I'll replace the 30GB windows root partition with a 4 or 5 GB NTFS partition and a 2 or 3 GB Fat32 partition for sharing files, but I want some extra space to play with before undertaking that kind of operation.

Unfortunately, I'd forgotten that I'd put the backup media drive in the box I loaned to Tim a few days ago for the hotspot project. Interestingly, Thunderbird refuses to open the address book if there's no space on the drive, so I had to grep through my .mab file to find Tim's phone number to confirm that. (Myth, incidentally, just went to a black screen and refused to respond to any further input... not ideal for something that's quite likely to fill up hard-drives). Tim's bringing the drive back tomorrow, but until then I'm not going to do any serious surgery on the filesystems. Probably going to work on getting MythWeb configured and getting an SVN repository for my local work (mostly my web-site).

Oh, wrote a little script that resets the v4l settings every .5 seconds so that MythTV recording works properly. Even lets me browse channels fairly reasonably (there's a bit of a pause before video shows up anyway, so this just adds another "hiccup" as the colour resets itself).

Just in case anyone was following the idea of installations. I started on it last night, but the ebuild is just entirely too complex to be jumping into late at night.


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