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Finally book a hotel for PyCon (Procrastination is bad, rising hotel rates are worse...)

Got us (at least D'Arcy and I, possibly Ian) a hotel room this morning. All told it's about $1000CDN for the 5-night stay (including everything but parking). That's $100CDN/night for each of us, or around $70USD, which isn't spectacular, but triple occupancy is included in the price, and $66CDN/night is fairly good. I was strongly ...

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Caching OIDs for PySNMP (and other bits of trivia...)

So today I completed the alterations to PySNMP to allow it to cache the BER encoding of OIDs. Then it took a couple of hours to fix all the stupid problems that arose. The most annoying was the stupid problems where diff produced garbage patches because one set of files had DOS line-endings and the ...

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