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Feb. 28, 2005 - March 6, 2005

Finally hit my stride on the PyCon presentation (Key is to use paper for designing... you'd think I'd remember that...)

So, instead of sitting in front of the computer and working on the presentation, I printed out the paper (such as it is) and began working on slides as boxes on pieces of paper around key phrases. It's messy, but that's part of the point. I got the bulk of the paper (up to the ...

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Were it not for it being virus infested (This is a day I would have booted Windows up just to get the work done...)

So, more than three hours later, what have I accomplished? Basically nothing, though not for lack of effort. OpenOffice Impress was crashing every 3 or 4 minutes when I had writer open, so I finally decided (two hours ago) that I'd just print the paper out and use that as my reference when working on ...

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Pleasant, but not very productive day yesterday... (Friends drop in)

I got up rather late yesterday, with my hands in no shape to be writing all day (I don't have voice dictation working in Linux yet), so I puttered until around 7, when Shane phoned to ask if I'd like to have coffee. Turns out he hadn't broken his fast yet (he's Baha'i), so I ...

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Finally book a hotel for PyCon (Procrastination is bad, rising hotel rates are worse...)

Got us (at least D'Arcy and I, possibly Ian) a hotel room this morning. All told it's about $1000CDN for the 5-night stay (including everything but parking). That's $100CDN/night for each of us, or around $70USD, which isn't spectacular, but triple occupancy is included in the price, and $66CDN/night is fairly good. I was strongly ...

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Caching OIDs for PySNMP (and other bits of trivia...)

So today I completed the alterations to PySNMP to allow it to cache the BER encoding of OIDs. Then it took a couple of hours to fix all the stupid problems that arose. The most annoying was the stupid problems where diff produced garbage patches because one set of files had DOS line-endings and the ...

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Just what am I doing up? (Well, in fact, working...)

Couldn't sleep for ideas popping into my head for Cinemon, so spent a few hours on various approaches to speeding things up. Spent some time trying to get yapsnmp compiled, eventually just gave up after I finally got it to compile and the silly make file didn't install the c module.

Then played around with ...

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Human beings are not intended to be getting up at this hour! (Introduces thoughts of mortality into the dreams...)

Actually wound up waking up an hour before I needed to to get to the management meeting. My dreams were just a parade of various death-related themes, composing funeral dirges for aetheists, remodelling homes to allow those in non-functional relationships to move on without appearing to reject the dead.

Not a happy and peppy morning ...

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Seem to have lost my descriptors notes in the move to Linux (Oh well, not that hard to find projects using them...)

Continuing work on the PyCon presentation. Charged through the entire next section either writing rough text or making point-form notes. This is the section describing the post 2.2 descriptor-base projects and the ways that meta-programmers have been (ab)using them to create interesting effects.

Among those are two of my own projects. The first is the ...

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Day goes well until I get back to the question of performance (Though a bug showed up when it went live...)

Spent the bulk of the day on the counter-history download XMLRPC code. That's now working, but the silly modem-current-value code is failing due to an XMLRPC linearisation problem when run on the live system. Grr. Aside:

Really need to have a decent "trusted" Python-to-Python RPC mechanism that's Twisted and non-Twisted friendly which can just pass ...

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Hmm, did I miss the anniversary? (Sort-of, if leap years didn't count...)

Just struck me, this is March first, therefore this blog is now a year old (it was started on February 29th, 2004). 687 posts so far. Hmm, no way to scroll back through the entire archives save by going through the category links or manually editing urls. Oh well, not a lot of weighty ...

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