Ooh, look, pictures! (Well, just the ones from yesterday so far...)

In what has become a tradition, posting more shots of beautiful women to boost our ratings...

Didn't really get any spectacular shots, but this little fragment of the series turned out almost reasonably. There were some really nice shots ruined by blurring :( . Need to figure out a decent low-light shooting strategy for action. For that matter, need a better strategy even for non-action shots. It seems 80% of the shots I take are low-light, and almost all of them are ruined by camera or subject movement.

D'Arcy has already posted (had Carol post, most likely ;) ) his shots from the trip. Suppose I should get off my keister and get my shots uploaded, I just don't figure it's something I want to put up on my vrplumber.com site... far too large a data-set. I kinda like the fourth shot in the series, good pose at least, even if the motion blurred the result a bit.

Also turns out that the camera software doesn't handle rotating images very well, it balloons the file size up to 6 times the original size. Wind up having to open in the Gimp and re-save. No problem for 6 shots, but there's 300+ from the trip.

My hands are pretty much chutney at this point, so going to try to avoid blogging much this evening.


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