Windows is frustrating me! (Make it stop, mommy!)

So, finished the revision of the Zonez demo this afternoon, went to run py2exe over it to produce a final set of executables for the client... duh! Py2exe requires Windows, so instead of being a 1 minute process, packaging up the project has turned into a 6+ hour one (and, of course, can't bill the customer for those 6+ hours (the whole programming phase of the project was only 14 hours)).

I've got Windows installed, have done all the windows updates (took forever, as the network driver seems flaky), worked around various problems with the NForce3 chipset drivers, installed and configured cygwin, and installed the required Python software. I'm just ignoring the 15 or so devices that were recognised, but didn't have drivers. I'm not bothering with any of the funky hardware (tablet, PVR cards), that often took half a day to get right all by itself.

So what am I doing back over here in Linux? Well, realised that my old Windows "home" drive (the one with all the setup done for CVS access and the like) is actually a partition on my main drive (the Linux one)... so I de-mastered the Windows drive and then tried to boot into it using GRUB... no luck... then with the utility diskette for booting to anything... no luck...

So I'll have to shutdown again and reset the windows drive to master and the Linux drive to slave... but I'll have to do this again every time I want to use Windows (or have to go through the utility disk every time I reboot Linux (which honestly isn't that often, but I find it offensive))...

Before I do that, I want to see if there's a decent recipe for getting GRUB to boot a Windows partition on a second drive.


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