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Using the old hardware (Second sound-card just for mythbackend...)

Had another "tinny" recording last night, and am getting tired of having no music while I work, so decided to get the old SBLive installed to act as the back-end's card so that (hopefully) the front-end will let me play music while the back-end is recording (without karking up the recording).

Spent way too ...

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Food would be useful (Cookies and crackers and M&Ms don't quite make a balanced diet...)

Haven't yet been out to buy supplies, so we've been ploughing through garbage food around here. Rosey bought 4 bags of M&Ms. I finished off a few score cookies. Not good when you don't get enough exercise to burn off the calories.

Interestingly, as I was composing an email to XXX ...

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Day of learning (Nevow live pages...)

Spent the greatest bulk of the day familiarising myself with the "liveevil" technology from Nevow. It's a javascript + xmlrpc engine allowing one to code a single page application. Going to be trying to use it in Cinemon to produce a number of desirable effects wrt automatically-updating visualisations.

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