A day "off" with OpenGL-ctypes (It does leave rather a dent in the pocketbook...)

Decided this morning that I needed to spend some quality time with OpenGL-ctypes if it was going to move forward. Given that the VoIP project is just waiting for an installation fix, I decided that I would take a day off from paying work to work on stuff the world needs. I'm justifying it to my little business-superego-angel as an "advertising" cost... he's not buying it, really, but he's enough of a sucker... uh... nice enough to let me go ahead and do it :) .

  • Made some (though not nearly enough) headway working through the 200+ unread messages in my PyOpenGL email folder, concentrating on the OpenGL-ctypes ones for now.
  • Missing PyOpenGL typed glDrawPixels variants added.
  • Fixes to glInterleavedArrays (wasn't storing pointer).
  • Fixes to a few of the wrapper-function variants that were incorrectly referencing pyArgs.
  • Remove the numpy C-level module from the setup script (we don't use that any more, we just use the numpy array's __array_data__ member).
  • Teach OpenGLContext to deal with numpy not returning integers when de-indexing an image array (for PixelTextures).

Stalled issues:
  • GLU tess callbacks: not getting the pointer content back, so can't pass the values to e.g. glVertex; weird, as the GLU nurbs callbacks are working perfectly well, and they're the same basic code. Without this none of the tessellation code in OpenGLContext can work.
  • TTFQuery (or, rather, FontTools) seems to have ceased being able to load glyphs on my machine. I'm guessing this is because of Numeric vs. Numpy dependency issues.
  • wxPython OpenGL doesn't work on my machine (looks like a build/link issue inside the wxPython ebuild, will have to play with this).
  • PyGame doesn't have font support by default on Gentoo, so can't test the PyGame font rendering in OpenGLContext (at least, on this machine).

Since it looks like all of my plans for an evening out have fallen through I suppose I'll fire up a win32 box and see whether I can make some headway on that port as well.

[Update] Well, I guess I overestimated my interest in Win32 debugging this evening. Got started and ran smack into what seem like very silly errors (e.g. enumerants not working for certain types of images, callbacks causing memory-access errors when accessing the arrays they receive). About then I realised I just don't like Win32 ;) . Anyway, Shidan wants to get together for coffee in a couple of hours, so I'm thinking I'll just tidy up some business stuff (e.g. printing the invoice for the month) and then head on down (I'm going to walk).


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