Developer's Desktop v2 Out (Cleaned up version of v1)

The cleaned up version of the Developer's Desktop image (still Gentoo based) is now available on LinuxTracker. This version is only 923MB, 50MB less if you don't take the portage disk. There's not much difference between this and the v1 disk other than the packaging (1/3 the size, portage optional). I've burned 10 copies to DVDs to give away tomorrow at PyGTA. Come on down to Linux Caffe and get your ready-to-run Sugar development environment!


  1. Shawn Wheatley

    Shawn Wheatley on 03/20/2007 11:24 a.m. #

    Nicely done! I tried getting the tools compiled on my laptop at PyCon but had no luck. I'll definitely give this a try in a VM.

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