More ctypes goodness (Elegance improves with understanding of ctypes)

I spent this evening working on the ctypes rewrite of PyOpenGL. Mostly I worked on the code for handling single argument functions where that argument is an array (next step being to generalise to all methods where the arrays are anywhere in a multi-argument parameter set (did the machinery for that this evening, just didn't get the generator to auto-generate the commands to do the wrapping yet... I may wimp out and just interactively *tell* it which functions to treat that way, will see when I have time to work on it again).

Anyway, think I'm done for the night. The kids have been... uh... lively... this evening. I don't actually have a headache, but I can feel one trying to sneak in somewhere around my right temple.

Tomorrow's first task is to finish the take-away for Texas, then make sure the business cards are printed, then update the ACI instance to the newest code, then arrange a meeting with Bryan, then work on the points to hit when doing demos at the booth, how to sum things up, how to describe the licensing costs, how to compare against the competitors,... I guess what I'm saying is that tomorrow I'm back at work.


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