I like printing things! (Environmental crisis of conscience)

There is a certain wonder about producing a physical thing. My thesis advisor used to rhapsodise about the wonders of physical constructions (he is a boat, aircraft and furniture-focussed architect). Today I had one of those moments where I had to agree with him.

Producing the PDF for the handout for the conference was nice, but it was in handling the physical product that I really felt satisfied with the project. It's not a great design, but the magic of printing, where what you've designed on paper or a computer turns into a physical thing caught me.

Which is, of course, a horrible thing on at least one level. I probably killed 2 or 3 trees producing these flyers. Most of them will likely wind up in landfill (the conference being in the US, after all), or if we're lucky, a recycling bin.

But I can't help myself, I'm caught up in the magic.


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