Week fills up too fast (Also, messages from Rosey...)

I'm trying to think when I'll get time to put together the demo on Tim's laptop... guess it'll have to be now-ish, as I'm pretty much booked tomorrow and Tuesday. I think I'm getting to the meeting-exhuastion point... or rather I'm getting to the "I'd really like to work on the product now" point.

Meetings will take up tomorrow afternoon, then I'm off to see Dave and Mark (different Mark) for dinner and an early movie (I'm guessing Batman Begins again). Will be good to see them (it's been a couple of geological ages).

Anywho, just got a call from Andrea telling me that she and Rosey have reach Trois Pistoles. Apparently a fun ride down. I'd imagine she'll blog about it when she gets a chance. (One of these days I'll add a link to my homepage for it so I don't have to keep putting links here for myself).


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