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Yay! Lara's coming over! (Thai curry shall not go to waste)

I tried making a Thai curry for the first time today. It's not spot-on (used Indian curry spices (so it's Yellow Curry), regular ginger, that kind of thing), but it is very tasty. The coconut milk is so rich that it becomes a very forgiving dish (much like Indian curry, come to that).

I decided ...

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I need to do *something* tonight (Too pitiful to sit here working all weekend)

Spent hours last night borking up all my lovely work on Cinemon with an attempt to go way too far way too fast. I should try to back out all the extra stuff this afternoon.

Problem is, I'm in the mood to talk. <Elided> is off visiting her dad. I've invited some people over, but ...

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Key words for computer recycling... (Toronto Environment Day)

I've had some old computer parts (particularly a UPS) sitting in my room waiting to be recycled for ages, but I never got around to figuring out just where I need to take them. So this morning I decided to figure it out (though why I waited until I don't have access to a car ...

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