Have to get these things backed up! (Websites and the like...)

Just realised this evening that I don't have a backup of my website other than the Vex RAID array. Not good, especially as I've got quite a few pieces that are uploaded from different projects (i.e. there's no directory on my workstation that has everything that needs to go up on the site).

Figured while I was at it I'd get the system set up to use rsync from a working mirror here for doing the uploads (I've been doing them manually). Hopefully that will both make it less annoying to keep the website up-to-date and it should mean I always have a full local backup copy (since it will be what's rsync'd up to the site).

Also need to fix the CVS directories (they didn't make it across the Windows -> Linux transition, so I've been running the site without version control for a while now) and get everything checked in.

Anyway, downloading the backup to do the diff is going to take a while, so I guess I'll work on it tomorrow. I have a management meeting first thing, then need to get working on the VIBES half of the VOIP project.


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