Far too long a day (Working with foreign systems is a PITA)

Couldn't get much of Tim or D'Arcy's time today, so much of my time was spent in frustration. I've noticed as I get older that I scream more at the computer.

Eventually I had to admit defeat and decide to wait until someone who knows the system explains what the freakin heck I need to do to get the integration happening. So, spent the rest of the day on trying to clean up the code, I even toyed with the idea of trying to wrap it up so cleanly that I could just drop it into Tim or D'Arcy's lap with a "please insert" note tied in a ribbon about it.

Discovered and fixed a limitation in the BasicProperty DictionaryProperty (and the weak-ref based versions thereof), basically it wouldn't let you declare a dictionary sub-class as a baseType (well, it would, but an overridden method would then ignore the coercion function of the sub-class).

My mom and dad decided to drop in for a visit tomorrow, which means I'm going to lose the entire afternoon's productivity. PyGTA is tomorrow night, so not much going to get done then. I won't wish for more hours in the week, but it would be nice to have the work go a little faster in the hours that do occur.


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