Crashing through to the end of chapter 1 (Getting to the point where I need to print it out...)

Couldn't bring myself to work on programming stuff again tonight. Instead I sat down and forced myself to write the rest of chapter one. That takes me to the end of the section on perception. The text is still quite rough, but it covers the major points that need to be covered.

I'm finding trying to edit on-screen a bit cumbersome, just not getting enough of the document on-screen to edit the flow of ideas properly. I won't post the whole thing here, it's now 10 single-spaced manuscript pages. Suppose I should look at getting a proper web site set up for the rewritten thesis some day soon.

One little paragraph I rather like:
There are lots of dark corners in our world-models. Philosophers, poets and artists are all designers seeking to explore those less-resolved corners, to give the user a way to resolve some of the larger questions that keep us from being content about our world-view. We are society's way of looking around the dark corners in our hearts. However, there are often those who would rather not look around the corner, who would rather not risk revealing the monsters.


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