Looks like it's going to be one of those days (No joy in Linux-land...)

Had the workstation do a set of upgrades while I was out at the management meeting (one of us should get some work done)... got home to find a failure compiling/installing the emul-linux (Linux32 on AMD64) libraries. Permission failure trying to make the files executable.

Oh well, I can survive a few days without OpenOffice if necessary (though I've tried about 20 times to get it to work now).

The problem is, CVS is also hosed. For some reason it's trying to use /usr/cvsroot/CVSROOT, rather than the checkout directory's CVS/Root value. Annoying... and it wasn't one of the packages that got updated, so I'm likely looking at some subtle error with glibc or the like.

I cannot go even a few hours without CVS, it's a core part of my development process.



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