Nevow needs some model:view:controller mechanisms (Gets repetitive coding controls manually for each property...)

Spent the bulk of the day getting the trigger mechanisms cleaned up and ready-to-run. These are set up using a Nevow LivePage. Thing is that every control on the page winds up with 2 different pieces of code to set/render the values for the control. One to do the first-pass render, and one to do the updates during event callbacks.

Would be nice if one could just hook up a control object to an observable event such that changing the value of the model's property would automatically alter the control to render the updated value. Of course, those controls would have to be fairly involved to be particularly reusable. Still, thick-client GUIs have generic controls, why not AJAX UIs?

I have a management meeting tomorrow morning. Probably work on the VOIP front-end after that.


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