Women are fun to hang out with (Though they do tend to inspire melancholy)

Very pleasant evening. Unfortunately I was an hour off in my estimate of when we'd eat, so the main course was rather overcooked (ick, peppers do not survive overcooking well). As a group started playing poker in the living room I retired to the break out room (aka my bedroom) with a couple of the girls (not as spicy as that sounds, the bedroom is just another sitting room when the futon is a couch).

After they had spent some time browsing for pictures of their new favourite actor we sat about and bantered for a good little while. I love word-play. Wit is worthwhile. The gentle roll and lulls of conversation are the sea on which I most love to sail.

Anyway, very full day tomorrow, have to get demo.cinemon.net set up, check in on the VOIP front-end and then try to get some serious Cinemon hacking done.


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