Some days are pure gold (Happy from early morning to early morning...)

The visit with Shiva and Shademan was wonderful. Their new place is quite nice, backing onto one (1/2 block) park, with a much larger park about a 3 minute walk away. Good food, good conversations, good friends. I even picked up the new weights (barbells) I've been needing to buy for the last year or more. Will have to work back up to needing them again, but at least now I won't run into that "it's too easy" barrier again.

Lara's goodbye party was wonderful. I've tried jamming with people before and they're just too distracted by the fact that I "play" a whistle... not a physical whistle, the act of whistling with the lips... to really work with me. This evening it all worked fine, though I think they preferred the chanting... I just can't sustain 2 or 3 solid hours of chanting. Anyway, quite a few times we produced something melodically and rhythmically interesting without plan or order. A couple of times it was beautiful.

Anyway, only 6 hours before I need to be up to visit grams, so I suppose I'll leave the video card upgrade until tomorrow (despite the fact that I'm so charged up right now I doubt I'll be able to sleep).


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