Some are merely bronze (nVidia doesn't appear too stable at the moment...)

First the good news: I just squeaked through by the hair of my teeth to defeat grams at pool. I messed up twice trying to snooker her, winding up instead giving her perfect 2 or 3 foot shots to win the game. But the second time (the last game of the day) she horribly miss-shot, scratching on the black and losing the game.

Now the stuff that will have you all crying in your beers (well, those who were hoping I'd get the new video card installed quickly and be able to spend the evening working on OpenGL-ctypes)... turns out that the nVidia Linux driver just plain doesn't work on my system (yet).

X-windows hangs about 1/10 of a second into the initialisation process. Normally it blanks the screen to black with a white cursor in the upper left corner, then pretty much instantly switches the monitor to the base resolution for X and starts loading. With the nVidia card (and the nvidia driver) it just stops on the black screen with the white cursor.

I've now been working 7 hours on the silly thing. So much for going with nVidia because they were supposed to have better Linux drivers than ATI. So far I'm disappointed with both companies.

Anyway, for now I've had to swap the Radeon back in so I can get some work done. Probably try again tomorrow.


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