Little bits and pieces all day (Cleaning up after construction...)

Spent the day on Cinemon cleanup and tightening. Nothing dramatic, just little ducts and wires poking through the finish that needed to be poked back in behind the plaster.

I finished the TAL-to-Nevow conversion for the modems page, then made a Content adapter that allows the Content page-fragments to be rendered directly as though they were IResource compliant. That eliminates some boilerplate and makes the Nevow-based pages far neater than the TAL ones wrt the code (just because the TAL has to run through a set of Nevow-compatible adapters where I'm adapting everything to look like a Zope environment).

Other than that I discovered a few regressions where Nevow/Twisted had removed old APIs I'd inadvertantly used (basically directly retrieving request values from a context, instead of using inevow.IRequest( ctx )).

Anyway, think I will stop sitting in front of this silly computer now. Maybe I will try to get some reading done.


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