Existence, Space and Architecture (an older book by Christian Norberg Schulz)

The first book I picked it up this afternoon sounded fascinating, it's approach sounding very similar to my own, and I figured maybe I had found a kindred spirit. I decided that, rather than read it at the library, I'd keep looking for other books to take along with me, on the assumption that I'd take that one. So, picked up a few of the books mentioned in the prologue to the first book and started reading to see if I could find a second worthwhile tome.

The second book, recomended by the first, was a rather old text (1971). I've been trying to review primarily later texts in order to know what the current debates of the day are, but oh well, it was described as being a very good treatment of the use of perceptual psychology based on the Gestalt, and particularly our experience of "space" as a tool for understanding design and architecture.

I read about 6 pages in, decided I'd want to read the whole thing, and proceeded to review and discard the rest of the pile of books. Then I spent the whole afternoon (almost 5 hours) reading that second book. The weird thing is, I then started into the first book... and it wasn't (IMO) anywhere near as interesting as the text it had referenced.

Anyway, here's the rough notes from Existence, Space and Architecture...


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