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PyGTA Meets! (Put the next one on your calendars...)

Linux Caffe is a very pleasant little environment. I'd been thinking of a very different environment, all little nooks and crannies, with insular little booths and some back-room environment for meetings. It's actually a single room with a long 'working bar' and a set of meeting/talking tables. Very clean-well-lighted family feel to the place.

Rather ...

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Some VOIP-ing to round out the day (Which is now way over my scheduled 9hrs)

Spent the rest of the evening on the VOIP platform, mostly going through the whole process of registering someone, setting up the hardware, testing that the hardware works, that they can call, that they can get voicemail, and little things like that. It did not go spectacularly well. I think many of the problems were ...

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