PyGTA Meets! (Put the next one on your calendars...)

Linux Caffe is a very pleasant little environment. I'd been thinking of a very different environment, all little nooks and crannies, with insular little booths and some back-room environment for meetings. It's actually a single room with a long 'working bar' and a set of meeting/talking tables. Very clean-well-lighted family feel to the place.

Rather a small group this evening, just Blake, Paul, Winston and myself (and David, the proprietor, who joined us later in the evening). We discussed various topics, veering every once in a while into Linux (everyone there ran either Linux or BSD in one form or another).

Anyway, mark it on your calendars for next month, peoples: 4th Tuesday of the Month (every month).

Now, the neat thing that David mentioned; apparently the Toronto 2600's have been having a weekly Wednesday night Python hacking event at the Linux Caffe. I'm planning on going down tomorrow to check it out (I figure we're going to be looking for a new Python programmer soon).


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