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Wires crossed somehow (I could have sworn he said this evening...)

By the time I got down to the Linux Caffe (at 7:15) it was already closed. There were still a few customers hanging out, (including the very quiet girl from UU), but no Python programming workshop that I could see. Very disappointing.

The DNS failures continue to make working on the machine a serious PITA. ...

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Day's productivity crumbles (Stupid router and/or DNS servers make progress halt)

I've been working on testing the routers for the VOIP project. Somehow, though, the DNS resolution has been hosed in doing it. I gather it was something to do with swapping routers in and out all the time, but whatever caused it I now have DNS service maybe 1/2 of the time, and when I ...

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They're waiting to pounce on her! (Calls for interviews start minutes after she's on the list...)

Rosey got her first call for an interview all of a couple of minutes after the form that makes her an official employee was entered into the computer. Apparently the French teacher shortage is not exaggerated. Good luck with the interview, Rose!

Images working in OpenGL-ctypes (Just needed to rebuild the ctypes library cleanly...)

Turns out that annoying image-to-texture failure was actually just a messed up compile on my machine. Anyway, OpenGL-ctypes now has image handling working under OpenGLContext. Spent some time trying to get the GLUT bitmap fonts working. So far no luck.

The GLUT declaration (on GLX machines) looks like this:
	GLUTAPI void *glutBitmap9By15;
#define GLUT_BITMAP_9_BY_15 (&glutBitmap9By15) ...

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