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To Escape the Mania

Should you need it
In some far off future
Though I cannot imagine why
I will instruct you here
Though I suggest you never try

To drop from joyous mania
Leaping through life
Peace and hope in all you say
Loving each face on the street
Smiling at all you survey

To escape from such ...

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Definition of Design pt. 2 (When you forget to read the outline as you type...)

Reading the original outline I realised that my definition so far left off a number of key points. So, tack this onto the end (it feels tacked on when you read the whole thing through, will have to edit them into something a little less jarring):

What about “paper designs” or other unrealized plans; does ...

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Definition of Design (Drafting a better introduction...)

The following is a very rough first draft of rewriting the introduction to my thesis. The summaries of Kant and Hume are a little too brief, I guess I'll have to flesh them out eventually. Anyway, here goes:

The problem with writing about design theory is that by and large designers and artists are mistrustful ...

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