Distractions, distractions (8+ hours into the working day without touching item 1 on the todo list...)

Today I was to rise, then work on the business plan. That was my entire todo list for the day. Instead I spent the bulk of the day on the VOIP project. There was a brief interlude where I provided free Unix lessons to one of our business partners.

Bit of time spent on learning cron. The key discovery was that for the user's crontab the format is not identical to the system crontab; it doesn't have the "user" field, hence what works as a line in a system crontab just complains about being unable to find the executable. This took a while because the error message looks like this:
/usr/local/bin/bash: mcfletch: command not found

Which I interpreted to mean: "your (mcfletch's) cron is saying "command not found". What it actually meant was "couldn't find an executable named mcfletch". I would have figured it out sooner, likely, if I hadn't spent 10 minutes before that with it unable to find bash (which is in that weird place on the FreeBSD box (instead of /bin/bash)).

Anyway, I'll fire up the word processor and start working on the business plan in a few minutes. Right now I need to give my body a rest (I've been tense all day for some reason, probably not enough exercise).


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