I feel like designing something today (Maybe it's just a graphic hangover from last night...)

I was doing quick mock-ups of the new product design last night. Nothing fancy, just throwing some text on a piece of paper to give investors an idea of that in which they'd be investing. But now my fingers... well, more my mind, actually... is itching to design something substantial.

What I should do, of course, is continue working on the thesis rewrite sections on perception. We still haven't covered "figure/ground" or "set/type" mechanisms and their effect on perception. Haven't explored the implications of expectation on the perceptual process. Nor have we looked at the low-level effects (symmetry, continuity and the like). Then we have to look at the effects of frustration and satisfaction of perceived needs (which is one of the most common tools a design uses).

I guess I'll be a good boy and work on the thesis.


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