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On Goodness and Desire (Talk by Boyle and Lavin @ U of T)

Boyle and Lavin are attempting to address a fairly simple question, regarding whether all desires must wear the “guise of the good”:

Can a rational being desire that which it sees as “bad”?

Or, if you prefer:

Can we want something without seeing it as “good”?

Now, Boyle and Lavin note that until recently, the ...

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I feel like designing something today (Maybe it's just a graphic hangover from last night...)

I was doing quick mock-ups of the new product design last night. Nothing fancy, just throwing some text on a piece of paper to give investors an idea of that in which they'd be investing. But now my fingers... well, more my mind, actually... is itching to design something substantial.

What I should do, of ...

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Discussing ideas (I need sounding boards...)

Was talking to <elided> this evening (no, I didn't call, she did), and it reminded me that I really need to get some people with whom to discuss design theory. There's a couple of philosophy lectures tomorrow afternoon that I think I'll drop into. Maybe there will be someone interested there.

Going to visit grams ...

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