Long day of dribs and drabs (Hushed mutter of tickets drifting to the ground...)

There's a point in a project where everything that's left is either not a priority, or so messy and ugly that you just don't want to tackle it until you have a better spec. I think I'm almost there for the VoIP project. There's a few big-ugly items (such as 9-1-1 location-data verification and a javascript or flash-based hand-holding setup "script") that need to be dealt with, but the functional code is basically all there. There are lots of things that are below the first-release threshold, but modulo some deployment issues we should be ready to put users on the system and let them play.

Or so I tell myself to keep from giving up and moving to Paris to live a quiet life of poverty, sketching women on the boardwalk, maybe giving tours of various buildings for a few dollars, just enough to buy a coffee and a tarte at the local cafe with some good friends.

Or maybe switching to inventing, had an idea for a tinker-toy-like set of mechanical pieces (motors, drive trains, belt drives, implements) that would be designed to handle farm-scale problems using renewable or non-renewable power sources in such a way that one could be swapped for the other depending on what was readily available at time-of-use.

Or better yet, getting off my lazy arse and teaching design theory to someone, maybe carve out a little professorship somewhere...

But we must be close to finished.


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