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Mis-spent youth (I'd rather have been writing...)

Wound up spending the whole day on the VoIP project, wrapping up all the little loose ends of deployment, then writing a largish piece that we'll need to deploy to the public. Which is to say I didn't spend the day on thesis-related work. This is the first week since I started working on the ...

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Patrick's created a new dispatcher package (Plugins and all...)

Just saw the announce on Python List that Patrick (the original creator of the PyDispatcher module) has created a new project for working on the pattern, Louie. Haven't downloaded it to look yet, have burned too much time with mucked up setuptools... some day I'll recover enough to try one again.

Anyway, I think ...

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Rogers just keeps getting more expensive (Adding unwanted required features and taking away wanted ones...)

Rogers has just announced that they are going to discontinue their usenet feeds; no more comp.lang.python.announce or comp.lang.vrml. This comes on the heels of their attempts to strongarm us into "upgrading" to digital cable (incompatible with the PVR software on the computers) for an extra $10/month (before the cost of the hardware to adapt the ...

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Disappearing hours! (Forgetting to log time is a bad feeling...)

We (VexTech) do contract programming, and generally I try to bill to the minute, just for those minutes actually spent on the project. It keeps me focused on the needs of the project when working at home.

Unfortunately, today, I had at least an hour, maybe two, where I forgot to record time, mostly because ...

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