Red Pillows

No-one ever told me they had passions
Dreams of screaming in the night
They were lace and velvet wrapped
Dry goods set upon 'reached racks
So I botched the first I fetched one

How was I to know they wanted kisses
When I'd been taught to woo with words
What class covered covering her waiting mouth
I can't imagine that I missed a lesson
But can't argue that I failed the test

How many times do they rehearse it
Lucky pillows smeared with vibrant red
Pretending it's a horseman fresh from battle
Or a musician's grizzled long-haired head
Dreams and fevers poured upon their lonely beds

I walked in never knowing
Assuming chivalry and light would guide my path
Day on day I sat beside her
Waiting for a sign of favour
A kerchief dropped my highest hope

As days passed she grew colder
Words came sharper, anger hotter
I lost hope knew not what to do
I'd gone as far as man might press
Pursuing suit with genteel girl

I never thought to push it farther
Never thought to be the churl
Force my dark forbidden passions
On the flowering gentle maiden
Sitting by the glass-still pool

Now I know from knowing women
Full of juice and zest for life
They dream dark dreams just as I
Where the lace and velvet fall off
And the screams caress the night

Yet what difference does it make now
I still can never press upon a lady
But I tell myself, short of forcing her to bed
Perhaps a kiss might be accepted
Might keep the pillows from turning red


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