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For the acrostically curious (Output of a night's run...)

I left the acrostic puzzle solver running all night. Strangely, it doesn't appear to have found any 8x8 acrostics with the aspell dictionary, while it's found thousands of 7x7 ones. I would have expected at least one or two 8x8s.

Anyway, the script (basically unchanged, just easier to download and play) and the 7x7 puzzles ...

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Red Pillows

No-one ever told me they had passions
Dreams of screaming in the night
They were lace and velvet wrapped
Dry goods set upon 'reached racks
So I botched the first I fetched one

How was I to know they wanted kisses
When I'd been taught to woo with words
What class covered covering her waiting ...

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Very small coffee and a DVD-RW recorder (Plus some mindless hours on acrostics...)

Had a very small, but quality turnout yesterday for the coffee house. Pleasant evening discussing history, poetry, websites and the like. Brendan has a truly prodigious memory, he can quote greater and lesser poets at length in multiple languages. He didn't recite much of his own, however. Hopefully he'll put up a selection on his ...

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