Rinse, repeat (Another day, just like the last...)

I was strongly tempted to repeat yesterday's post. Turns out that today was Tuesday, the meeting and party were to be Wednesday (I discovered this only on phoning Tim at 9am this morning to ask if he wanted to head over yet). Looks like we won't be doing the party. The SSL error turned out to be as simple as forgetting to call "serve" (start) on the server. Sigh.

Got the remoting server pretty much finished, but I really want to kill off the annoying use of freezer to encode/decode on top of jelly. Performance is pretty good so far, the second processor on client's machine seems capable of handling a modest query load.

Took care of some less fun tasks over on the VoIP project, nothing really huge, just stuff that requires spelunking through old code to figure out where to connect.

Rose enjoyed her first 1/2 day of paid substitute teaching. Her car had a seized windshield wiper motor when she came home, got the mechanic to fix it before the trip to the Greenhams on the weekend.


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