Business Plans (and SSL)

Couldn't get the Twisted.spread server to work when using SSL, but it works fine with bald TCP. Burned far too long on that today. Got Shane hooked up on the VoIP system, which was good. He seemed very happy when he just plugged it in and everything worked.

After I got fed up with "connection refused" messages I went over a proposal by one of my friends that he wanted to pick my brain over at the party, but never got the chance. Simple proposal, as with most things, the devil is in the details. Still, I can imagine our using the service were it to be available.

Tomorrow is going to be pretty much a write-off, meeting in the morning, a few hours to work in the afternoon, and then off to the Christmas Party (we're going to a parade down in Kensington Market then out to dinner).

On a very happy note, after 3 months of delays, Rose finally got her employee number for the Toronto board. She's had 3 substitute request calls in the 3 or 4 hours she's had it. Her first gig is tomorrow. Yay Rose!


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