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April 18, 2005 - April 24, 2005

Thoughts on wish lists... (Je pense...)

As XXX and I get to know each other a bit more, I've begun thinking rather deeply about my wish list. I've just reviewed it, and yes, all of those things are attractive to me.

Thing I didn't consider before:
  • Fiscal responsibility and compatability
  • Kindness to animals
  • Methods of recreation and enjoyment
  • Musical interests ...

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Ah the joys of car-less-ness in the hinterlands (It gets expensive and/or awkward very fast...)

Well, turns out that the only one available to take YYY to Ottawa is lil' ol' me. We're borrowing a friend (Brenda)'s car and I'm driving her (and likely Fuzzy Bear) in to Ottawa in a couple of hours. I'm always a little apprehensive about borrowing someone's car, but when it's someone you don't even ...

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Workin' in the free world (Documentation I suppose...)

I'm in ZZZ for a week. So far going fairly well socially, but didn't get any billables done yesterday (though I did catch up on business email and reading), as I spent what time I had trying to get Eric (the Python IDE) installed. It's way too cold to sit outside working, so the puppy ...

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Sigh, karked Firefox again (1.0.3 still has the broken dialog windows and now the menus are gone too...)

Firefox just doesn't seem to like this box very much. The upgrade wound up producing this ever-so-cute effect where dialogs show up as error messages, and clicking on "ok" to the error message clicks okay in the original dialog... not ideal for security warnings! That's happened before (bug report dutifully filed), but now even the ...

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Just about ready to go (Should be in bed already)

Just the thrill of not sitting in my room all day to work is enough to make me giddy :) . On top of that, get to hang around with a beautiful woman for a week. Apparently I'm getting treated to a movie tomorrow night too. There's even a dog to keep me company while ...

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The joys of IMAP (Migration isn't as easy as I was hoping...)

I guess I was a little too confident about this being a simple thing. Turns out that Mozilla can't just migrate local folders over to an IMAP server. Looks as though IMAP can't handle the folders with-messages-and-subfolders. Urgh.

Need to get to bed soon. I think I've got everything I actually need for the trip ...

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How many times does it need to recompile? (KDE 3.3 just keeps getting rebuilt)

Just finished work, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but yet another KDE rebuild by glsa-check. You'd think it would just apply all the patches at once and then rebuild... but no...

Oh well, not like I'm actually doing any work on it, it's just annoying to know that it's wasting all that ...

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Apparently glsa-check is *not* done automatically with emerge -u (That's surprising...)

This morning I read about a Firefox vulnerability, so I decided I'd run glsa-check to see if there was a fix for it yet (having just finished doing an emerge -avuDt world and not really feeling like doing another sync)... dozens and dozens of un-patched alerts! I'd assumed that using the "u" (update to the ...

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The Great Circle of Life and Encyclopedia (Thirst to understand everything...)

I read a lot. I don't read many books any more, however. I read 5 news-aggregation sources with scientific, technological and cultural orientation every day. Then I read a lot more about Python, to keep myself up to date when doing consulting/contracting.

Then there's the stuff that I let myself read every once in a ...

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Give the gift of Gentoo (It really is that Christmas-morning feeling that makes it all worthwhile...)

While I've been working, I've had Gentoo working on upgrades and repairs. Mostly I got tired of all the little hacks here and there, so I updated Myth to get the backported patch for the hour-off problem. Then I un-masked Qt 3.4 and un-used a few use flags that would always cause subversion and kde-graphics ...

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