About time I thought about organising the poems (A few too many to just list them out...)

The poetry page has been growing quite a bit lately. There's now something like 170 poems up there, with just "romantic" versus "not romantic" to organise them. Not sure how to organise them, really... maybe poetry just shouldn't be organised... but then what are poetry editors doing for their daily bread? Maybe just add a ranking system so that readers (and me) can rank them and new readers can just read the ones sorted to the top of the list... but that seems so mechanical. Maybe arrange them by colour or texture? Maybe just arrange them by number of lines? Maybe by number of times the letter 'e' appears? Hard to tell what would be the most likely to help the reader.

Anyway, have a family gathering this afternoon/evening, and lots of backed-up Open Source projects that could use my attention, so I guess for now it will continue to be a laundry list and I'll continue to think about how it should be arranged.


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