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About time I thought about organising the poems (A few too many to just list them out...)

The poetry page has been growing quite a bit lately. There's now something like 170 poems up there, with just "romantic" versus "not romantic" to organise them. Not sure how to organise them, really... maybe poetry just shouldn't be organised... but then what are poetry editors doing for their daily bread? Maybe just ...

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Dry Athena's Dreams

I dreamed dry Athena's dreams last night
Full of artifice and dreadful mechany
How sad the goddess must be today

With such hollow dreams to fill her sleep
No heart beating no messy life
She would I'm sure rather dream of victory
Descending from the heavens
To annoint the worthy crowns

But those ...

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Diamonds or Coal-fires

If I write a thousand verses
Will I find a hundred gold
Or will the writing of the thousand
Turn the whole to rotten steel

Would I rather write in diamonds
Crystals pressed from darkest smoke
Or write mountains of dark coal
And wait for pressure from below

Oh the diamonds can be clever
Melting ...

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Crouching Teddy

He lies in wait
Lovable teddy bear
Searching for victims
To share his unfettered joy
Scanning the crowds
Gift baskets brimming
For some cute vegetarian
Whose heart is pure
Sipping his latte
Of frothy soy

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