Connection decides to take a vacation (So much for demoing tomorrow...)

The VoIP connection from our service provider over the internet to my little Asterisk development box has decided it doesn't want to work any more... well, it "works" in the sense that it connects, but the call breaks up too much to transmit DTMF reliably, which makes demoing somewhat difficult.

Now would be a great time to have an asterisk server on the laptop, but alas it is still a Windows XP machine. Will try to fix it tomorrow, but it looks like there may be no demo :( .

Have most of the presentation finished. Still need a few more pages on the introductory AMI and the mixed-API demo (assuming I get the connection working). Anyway, I'm tired now, think I'll try to sleep.


  1. Leigh Honeywell

    Leigh Honeywell on 02/28/2006 12:04 p.m. #<br />
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    in case you know anyone else who is so lame as to use LJ :-)

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