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ACPI almost working... (Maybe a bit more battery life as a result)

Came down to Linux Caffe to work on getting the Laptop configured to use ACPI (the power-management features). I've got the runlevels set up and have them switching when I unplug/plug-in the laptop. No luck yet in getting a high-level interface (i.e. a GUI widget) configured to let me manage them.

The screen is automatically ...

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Have to release a new StarPy soon (One more bug to fix...)

I've got one bug fix added to StarPy (manager API commands that return ':' in the data payload weren't properly returning the value), but I'm still working on another one. I've got a request in to SourceForge to create a starpy project there (hopefully letting others work on the code-base).

Did a few hours of ...

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