Old VRML never dies (It just gets shunted off to directories called oldstuff/zzserver/vrml)

Was hunting about for Eric and discovered an old link from one of the VRML guys lamenting the loss of my old VRML code collection from the VRML community (well, more like the community's implosion and everyone considering it dead). So I started hunting about looking for those old worlds. They were pretty rough. Still, a few of them are now back online.

The one that really blew me away when I stumbled across it was my original thesis world. I didn't even recognise it (the links to the textures were broken, so that's not that surprising). Hard to beleive it was so incredibly slow back then. These days it runs at more than 60fps and just looks cartoonish. I'll have to look into getting it rebuilt and published again, though I wonder if it might be better to just publish the shell world, rather than re-filling it with the (poorly conceived) thesis display.

Idea I have is to publish these worlds and then include them in OpenGLContext's list of known-good worlds to demonstrate rendering of content downloaded across the network. There's nothing particularly interesting, but at least they're VRML content.

Anyway, I really should get to bed pretty soon. I have to be up in 5 hours to get to grams place (and after that I'm planning on dropping in to see Tim and Selena's new apartment).


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