PyGTA is tomorrow evening (I should really set an alarm to remind me to send out reminders...)

PyGTA is on for tomorrow @ Linux Caffe (7pm). For once we don't have a conflict with DemoCamp (I'm thinking we need to switch nights at some point given how many people seem to be conflicted over the two). Anyway, tomorrow is on.

I'm proposing that we discuss web frameworks in a no-holds-barred review. What works, what doesn't, what's missing, where does each one fall down and probably more importantly, what do we want from a web framework? I don't think we're going to find the one true framework, I think we're going to find strengths and weaknesses everywhere, tools that are very good in their niches, but hopelessly awkward outside of them, tools that are fine for a broad swath of tasks, but not particularly great at anything, tools that play nice with other protocols, and tools that require you to drink the kool-aid. What I dream of getting out of the evening is something like a set of user stories for what we need/want in a web framework and how important those things are to whom.

I still haven't had a chance to sit down with TurboGears... or rather, I sat down, was frustrated instantly, got up, forced myself to sit down, started figuring ways around the model. I managed to stop myself before I started writing code to do end-runs around everything and instead started reading up on how other people were handling the problem (searchable, sortable, paged, counted views of compound queries, which I consider a basic building block for most applications) and eventually ran out of time while doing that.

Obviously it would be nice to have Michelle in from U of T for the presentation, but it's way too late to be asking her I suppose. Oh well.


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