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I'd forgotten just how frustrating the SWIG-PyOpenGL build process is (So long to compile that I get distracted with other projects in the meantime...)

I'm finally sitting down to do some maintenance for PyOpenGL-SWIG. So far I'm just working on integrating the two major patches for GLUT (the FreeGLUT include patch and the glutTimerFunc patch). I'm really missing the instantaneous change-test cycle of OpenGL-ctypes at this point.

Anyway, have the package building on Gentoo again, going to have to ...

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Long week-tail (Too few hours in the days...)

Wednesday I was off on work-related stuff from 8am until almost 1am Thursday. Wound up working on creating a Cinemon screencast until 4:30am before I remembered I needed to be at work for 10am. After a long day on Thursday I just wound up crashing when I got home and waking up late for work ...

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Routing is fun (Or my day in un-billables...)

Spent most of the day on a Cinemon support on-site call. The installation was only half-finished, and they didn't have anyone who understood routing or network architectures sufficiently to sort out the unfinished setup. They'd spent weeks trying to fix it (not solid weeks, just weeks of back and forth) with the network guy who ...

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An inch or so of movement... (Wouldn't want to get anything useful finished)

Fixed some regressions for working with ctypes (I mistakenly changed code so that it would work with CVS head without providing a backward compatibility layer). Added some code to OpenGLContext to deal with slight API differences between PyOpenGL and OpenGL-ctypes (mostly different data-types). Tested a few GLE functions on Linux, seem to work fine. ...

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Pleasant afternoon of chatting (And pool)

Just got back from Coffee with Shidan. Nice to just sit about and chat. I missing sitting and chatting with people. Anyway, I was planning on getting some OpenGL-ctypes hacking done this evening. I suppose I should do that now if it's going to get done at all.

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