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FormEncode is nice (Validators are so much nicer than coding everything oneself)

Dipping my toes in the waters of FormEncode today. Basically decided I needed a break from financial aspects, so spent some time roughing out a simple list and add view for Inventory objects (in this particular case, phone numbers/DIDs). Most of the work was:

Figuring out that All and Any values are applied in reverse ...

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Bogging down a bit on the charge-setup subsystem (Uncharted areas for me to some degree...)

One of the major wish-list items for the new billing system is the ability to set up differential charging schemes using a tabular setup, so that admins can set up a default table of charges and then sets of overrides to those charges based on a rule match (e.g. you have a given token, or ...

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Addresses and constrained addresses (Long-term wish-list items...)

When you run a cable company, it makes sense to have the ability to explicitly and exhaustively define the streets and street-ranges in the town so that you can never have an invalid address entered for service. I've just finished the basic implementation of that for the better billing project, along with the other major ...

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These are the continuing voyages... (More work on BetterBilling...)

Continued work on BetterBilling this evening. Particularly started working on creating stand-ins for the eventual user-driven package-setup functions. Eventually a user should be able to compose a new package (billable thing) out of technical effects (services provided by the backend) and configurations (user choices that control the operation technical effects). For now I'm just manually ...

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Test suites are fun! (Cancelled meetings and working on almost-spec...)

Other than a few hours on the (largely finished) old project (so far), I've been concentrating today on TurboGears and particularly moving the BetterBilling project ahead. I've been running into (minor) SQLObject bugs here and there, probably because inheritance isn't a commonly used feature and I'm using it extensively.

I've finally got to the point ...

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Select from an inherited table in TurboGears (Since it took me so long to figure this out...)

Okay, key tip for debugging TurboGears SQLObject problems, add ?debug=1 to the dev.cfg URL for your database. Once you have that and you try to run a query for an inherited class you'll see the problem, but so that you don't have to set it up, here's the description of the problem and the solution: ...

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Fits and starts (Little things...)

Did some more work on TurboGears. Found another couple of bugs in the SQLObject SQL generation code. Now failing with the inheritance stuff, seems that the documented ability to do Parent.field==something) doesn't throw any errors but also doesn't seem to return the results. Anyway, nothing huge, just little things I'll have to track down ...

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Offerred Water

It's not that I'm not thirsty
I'm parched to dusty stone
But the timing seems all wrong
For I've just resolved to quit
The search for cups of water
In hopes forgetting hard thirst
Will let me grow to be a man
Who deserves a cup of water

3 hours of procrastination on a 5 minute fix (Well, at least I got my laundry folded...)

The bug in SQLObject was just a missing '+' character, it was doing:
sql = ';\n'+join_sql

instead of:
sql += ';\n'+join_sql

so the SQL for the table was getting dropped when there was "join" sql for the final content. Somewhat of a letdown, I was thinking it would be hours of plunging through deep-dark code ...

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Where'd that three hours go? (So much for buying my interest with smoothies...)

It seems that the smoothies were not sufficiently enticing to get me to actually sit down and work on the SQLObject problem. Shane's coming by in an hour to get his router re-provisioned, so not going to have a big block of time for work tonight. Maybe I should just call the day a write-off ...

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