Full-content feeds for CoreBlog (Haven't yet figured out how to make the stylesheets work properly)

One of my readers noted that the Plumbing Life's Depths RDF feeds are rather skimpy in the amount of information included in them (only a very small snippet from the main body of the text). So I've added a full-content (but not extended-content) feed, i.e. a feed that has everything that appears on the main page here.

I've tried putting an RDF stylesheet on the feed so that it's moderately readable in a web browser. Not sure if that's really a good idea or not, but I wanted to see how the stylesheet would work. It's pretty crude. I gather than HTML-style "class" attributes don't work for specifying sub-selectors in XML+CSS. Makes for rather crude operations.

Anyway, the feed is there for those who want it. Have fun.


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