Things I need to buy (And a thing I want to buy...)

I need to buy a printer for the company. I'm guessing the invoices would have printed if I'd had a local printer instead of printing via SMB and CUPS to Rose's printer (it seems that only the Windows version of Adobe's PDF viewer and the Windows printer had problems with the PDFs that GNUCash was generating).

I need a proper folder/index for storing the company documentation. I also need to get a company cell phone, I'm still using the old one that I can't advertise on business cards, since it's going to go away sometime soon. Oh, and I need business cards.

I need a company server somewhere to host SVN, the web-site (need one of those soon too), issue trackers, asterisk and the like. Really want it to be a machine on which I have root so that I can install packages without disturbing someone else's work.

Lastly I need to buy Quickbooks Pro 2006; developing a new OS accounting package might be a good project, but in the meantime I need something that can reliably run the company's books that won't get in my way while I'm doing it.

Now for the wants: I want an MP3 player. Preferably one with a 4 GB hard disk so that I can load hours and hours of lectures onto it and listen to them as I walk down to Linux Caffe.

By way of background, we're scaling up now to have 3 of us (maybe 4) working on projects (myself plus sub-contractors). Once everyone's trained and can work largely independently I'm intending to have in-Caffe days 2-3 days/week with some subset of us meeting for knowledge transfer and communication (with persistent IM and/or VoIP conference calls available the rest of the time). Once we're all working efficiently and effectively we can look at getting funding for developing the new Open Source billing system.


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