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The Wise Councilor (55-word flash-fiction)

Planning the rise to power the wise councilor had needed a figurehead. Better to be the power behind the throne. Kneeling, watching the King sign his death warrant, he questioned his wisdom. Did a not-quite-so-wise councilor really need a figurehead? If only he had not been quite so wise so long ago.

Garam Masala heals all frustrations (Mmm curried veggies over hot-and-sour rice...)

I'm feeling much better now. Turns out I was famished, just dove into working this morning and didn't wind up eating anything (though I did have an iced tea). I was going to make a basil stir-fry, but the basil had gone feral (dangerous stuff that feral basil).

So I went for the classic Garam ...

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Hardware makes for very frustrating days (Maybe it's the "mushy" feeling?)

We've been stalled on a (trivial) deployment issue for the configs on the VoIP hardware since launching a week ago. Can't for love or money get the stupid things to update automatically. Spent the whole day trying to coax them into doing the update (and eventually just laying out the pathology in the hopes of ...

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