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3 hours of procrastination on a 5 minute fix (Well, at least I got my laundry folded...)

The bug in SQLObject was just a missing '+' character, it was doing:
sql = ';\n'+join_sql

instead of:
sql += ';\n'+join_sql

so the SQL for the table was getting dropped when there was "join" sql for the final content. Somewhat of a letdown, I was thinking it would be hours of plunging through deep-dark code ...

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Where'd that three hours go? (So much for buying my interest with smoothies...)

It seems that the smoothies were not sufficiently enticing to get me to actually sit down and work on the SQLObject problem. Shane's coming by in an hour to get his router re-provisioned, so not going to have a big block of time for work tonight. Maybe I should just call the day a write-off ...

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PyGTA Review of web frameworks part 2 this Tuesday... (We will, we will... frame you!)

Coming up on the 4th Tuesday of the month again. We'll be continuing our review of web frameworks from last month, so if you have a particular framework you've used and can review (critically) come on down and share your opinations.

As usual we'll be at our generous venue Linux Caffe, who go ...

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Once you have a schema generator you get lazy (Stalled on TurboGears, sort-of...)

Hasn't been a stellar day for productivity today. The flip side of frameworks is that when something goes wrong you have to do a lot more work (in someone else's code) to fix it. The bug I hit is a fairly minor one, the SQL generator for the TurboGears model is "forgetting" a table (and ...

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My first day with TurboGears (So far so good...)

Decided today was the day to learn TurboGears, so I sat down and started working out a model for the BetterBilling project. This is basically a generic provisioning system for ISPs or VoIP providers that I'm wanting to build.

The version I'm looking at right now is less generic than the envisioned one; that's just ...

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